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The New Premium has a new address...Yours

From the curb to the showroom to the service lane, the best way to signal our customers that we will deliver on the promise of the New Premium is to make every aspect of their purchase and ownership experience consistent with the marketing communications they will see from both Buick GMC and your dealership. This consistency will magnify our voice, project a premium feel and reinforce your credibility, which can help to create the right atmosphere for customers...Duncan Aldred - U.S. Vice President, Buick & GMC Sales, Service, and Marketing

Buick - "Experience The New Buick"
                    Innovative and Progressive
                    Balanced - Premium - Accessible
                    Modern Luxurious Refined
                    Unpretentious Luxury

GMC - "We are Professional Grade"
                    Strong - Capable - Uncompromising
                    Confident - Bold - Undaunted
                    Engineering Excellence

Combined Buick GMC is the New Premium

The Buick GMC Facility Image program was designed to assist dealers with the execution of a consistent yet flexible Image design. There are several required elements that will link the look of Buick GMC dealerships together. The differences that each facility may posses have been taken into account within the program's required content.


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