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Cadillac’s Return to the Pinnacle of Luxury Begins Here

Like any brand, the Cadillac brand makes a promise – in our case, the promise of something truly exceptional, a reward for one’s daring, a progressive luxury statement for those who share our desire to stand out from the luxury establishment. The dealership is where the brand and this common set of values is brought to life, and where the customer gets to experience the ultimate expression of luxury. Cadillac has worked methodically to elevate and align all global brand touchpoints. From brand experiences, product execution, and introducing new technology like the Virtual Reality, we continually reward our loyal customers by introducing new and innovative ways to experience the retail environment while capturing the imagination of an emerging generation of buyers.

The customer journey – with an exquisitely crafted Cadillac vehicle at its center – is where we are afforded the opportunity to prove, again and again, our modern luxury credentials and our earnest commitment that the customer’s extreme satisfaction comes before and all other considerations. Project Pinnacle provides the process and roadmap, Cadillac Moments our mindset, and the dealership is the face to our customer and where we get to demonstrate our brand promise is more than skin deep.

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