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Aluminum Composite Material. ACM is the continuous bonding of two thin skins of aluminum under tension to either side of a thermoplastic core. The thermoplastic core allows for uniform expansion and contraction of both metal skins, creating a very flat and dimensionally stable panel.

As Builts

Architectural and engineering drawings of an existing facility.  These documents capture the specific dimensions, details, finishes, etc. that were actually built. See “Existing Condition Drawings.”

Building Plan Worksheets

Required forms to establish the size, location, and business activity of the dealership. The typical process requires both a preliminary and final worksheet to be executed by the dealer and approved by General Motors.

Customer Interface Area

Any area of the facility that customers will typically enter, including showroom, sales offices, F&I, lounge, rest rooms, service writeup, etc.

Design Intent

Preliminary design offered by General Motors to establish the direction and requirements of a facility in order to satisfy the requirements of the various General Motors’ Image programs.


Design Intent Deliverable documents.


The initial participation in one of the Image programs.  With the execution of the enrollment form, the dealer is authorizing the design firm to begin the Design Intent Process.

Existing Condition Drawings

Architectural and engineering drawings of an existing facility. These documents capture the specific dimensions, details, finishes, etc. that were actually built.  See “As Builts.”


Technically, the fascia is any relatively broad, flat, horizontal surface, as the outer edge of a cornice, soffit, roof, etc.  For the purpose of Image, it is the flat upper portion elevation, typically above the storefront or glass.


The General Motors Facility lmage team is comprised of several knowledge based entities focused to assist the General Motors dealer body in meeting and exceeding customer expectations at retail. Each channel within the General Motors family has an image program that gives a consistent "look," supporting the brand(s) and Division program. This effort is coordinated by a team of specialists within VSSM.

New Vehicle Delivery Area

A dedicated, identified area where new vehicles are presented to the buyer. Key information on the operation and ownership of the vehicle is explained. This area can be interior space, covered space, or simply a designated area near the showroom.

Service Reception Lane

The required area of the facility where customers drive their vehicles to obtain service repairs. The area must be either enclosed or at least covered.

Service Writeup

The desk or counter at which the service advisor will determine the needs of a service customer and generate a work order.


The process for determining if the completed facility project, including all interior finishes, fixtures, and furniture, satisfies the requirements of the channel image program and the specifics presented in the Design Intent Deliverable.


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